29 September, 2009

A New Day A-Dawning

Here we were just lazing away in the pool, when all of a sudden came this huge white thing up the canal.

Robert's Catamaran Underway Up the Canal

Wow! Something we've been dreaming about since we moved here, and here it is - actually happening before our eyes.

I had heard Bob revving his engines to flush the channel into the canal and I knew he had some of his workers breaking the crust down at the mouth, but I assumed it was going to take several hours for him to come through, if it even happened today.

Dianna and I Had Been Waiting For the Boat

I even took some pictures of the fingerlings in the canal.

Little Ones Just Peacefully Swimming Along

Next thing I knew was this huge white thing was coming up the canal, Bob hooting and hollering as he motored along. I ran out of the pool, grabbed my new pocket digital camera and got to the bank just in time to snap the rear of the boat as it cruised past.

He made it down to Pastor Doug's place. Doug has a cutout so Bob was able to turn around there.

Robert Turning Around At Pastor Doug's Place

Once he got turned around, It was about lunch-time, so Bob went ahead and moored at Pastor Doug's.

Robert Moored for Lunch at Pastor Doug's

I called Bob's wife, Lynn, and asked here to have Bob give me a call before he heads back down the canal so I can get some pictures for the blog.

This is really a red-letter day. Something other than a skiff in the canal. This changes everything for the canal. It was really exciting to see him running up the canal. There'll be more changes daily for a while I'm sure. As well as over the long haul, as we all improve and clean up our bit of shoreline on the canal.

Another new project... But first, there's our guesthouse to finish, and the to-do list for the main house. Once we get all that done, then we'll look at what needs to be done so we can moor at the Winjama Dock.


Perry and Mischelle said...

You need to get a resident manatee to keep your canal clear. Now, when are you going to get a boat?

Julian in SC said...

I tend to echo Perry & Mischelle. I think you've had it too easy with just a motor scooter with which to get into trouble. Think of all the blogging opportunities you'll have as you chronicle your experiences afloat. I hereby cast my vote in favor of at least a 16 footer!!


Dave Rider said...

P & M, A boat is delayed till all else is built and the to-do list is significantly shortened, by agreement with the better half.

Julian, a 16-footer at least. I second the motion!