01 October, 2009

Morning, Morning

Each day, weather cooperating, we walk about 3.5 miles with the doggies. Along the way, we pass some things, the waterfront, Jam Rock Bar, Fisherman's Pier, Thunderbolt Pier, the Catholic church, Central Park, the Post Office, the Market, and the two newest places, Chunky's and the Bakery Outlet.

First up, Chunky's Hot Meat Pies. It's a touching scene - a tiny little hole-in-the-wall, with a glass counter outside. The station wagon on blocks lends a picturesque touch, don't you think?

Anyway, they come in one flavor, slightly spicy, ground beef and gravy inside a baked cupcake-sized bowl, sealed with a baked on lid. They sell for $0.75 BZD each. So, for $3.00 BZD, we have a nice, hot breakfast.

When you get them from Chunky, they are literally too hot to handle. Through the miracle of modern transport (dogs with packs walking), they stay hot till we get back home. Sometimes we have to nuke 'em for a few seconds, but generally that's not needed.
Chunky's Hot Meat Pies
Not much to look at outside, I'll grant you. But, oh baby. The flavor of the pies and Chunky's great attitude at 6:15 AM in the morning, all really grow on you.

Chunky's is worth your time and money. Oh, yes, where's it located? Easy. If you know where the market place is, you can find Family Supermarket just west of the market. Chunky's is located in the large open area just south east from Family. Look for his little sign out front... or the car. You can't miss it!

Next up, the bakery outlet. This is not the bakery itself, that's located somewhere over in the Alta Mira area of Corozal a little ways north.

They carry cinnamon rolls, cheese-filled things, sugar cookies, Mexican French bread or salt bread. Once in a while, they have bread pudding, which is great with a little milk and heated in the nukerator (microwave).

Four cinnamon rolls this morning cost me $1.75 BZD. Such a deal.
The Bakery Outlet
The Bakery Outlet
The outlet is located just southwest from Chuncky's about 200 feet. This is also worth your while. Takes care of that morning sweet tooth craving. Besides, the lady who works there is nice and very helpful. And very apologetic if they don't have something you're looking for. Like bread pudding. That is a treat that doesn't show up very often. It's great if you can catch it. Don't pass it up.

Pretty much all the rolls go great with a wedge of Happy Cow cheese and 30-seconds in the microwave. Mmmm, I'm hungry again!

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