25 September, 2009

Is This the Northwest?

Look, I know we need the rain and all, but this grey overcast and drizzle without thunder and lightning is one of the things we didn't miss about leaving Washington State.

Our caretaker, Cody, has gone home for the day. He'd be up to the tops of his Wellies in muck if he tried to stay and work - besides, it gives him a three-day weekend to do what he wants to do.

Like I said on Twitter (you can read it here on the right-hand side), Dianna's happy... A good book, hot chocolate, some chick-flick or other on the tube, what could be better?

She's got plenty of smokes and when she goes out onto the porch to have one, she also lights up one of the mosquito coils, now that I've separated the whole pack of coils for her. She would have broken every one of them if I'd left her to her own devices.

I know, I know... All the plants are just loving it, saying "Hit me again, come on, again!" Oh well. It is keeping the temperature down to a reasonable level (probably the upper 80's or so).

Besides, I guess it's not like I really have a job to go to that I'm prevented from doing because of the rain. Well, I was prevented from walking the dogs this morning. The dang road just gets like a skating rink when that marl gets wet. It has enough clay in it to make it really dangerous. I've fallen more than once in the stuff.

And, I have a good "space western" to read. I'm currently reading Jack Campbell's "The Lost Fleet" series, Dauntless, Fearless, and Courageous. It's kind of a shit-kicker in space suits. I'm currently about 2/3's of the way through Courageous. Pure escapism. If you look too closely, the stories begin to fall apart, but if you just take them for what they are, they're a fun, quick read.

I'm not a real fan of hot chocolate. Maybe I'll make me a nice hot cuppa of Earl Grey. With some milk and Splenda (hey, we have that sort of stuff here too, y'know), I could be comfy for a few hours.

Hmmm, I wonder if the Mariners will be on the tube this afternoon?

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