07 April, 2009

Froggy Come A-Courtin'

Well, even with a new cold front having blown into town overnight, it was still a pool day - if you know what I mean. The pool temperature was only 89° or 90° (f), so we didn't necessarily stay in a long time, but it was warm enough that we did go in - and without dipping a toe first.

Our pool had a visitor too. As you can see from the photo below a frog decided to give the pool a try.
Froggy At Water's Edge
Here he is a little closer. He wasn't having a problem being in the pool. The chlorine and other chemicals didn't seem to bother him at at.
Froggy Digging the Pool
Hark! What is that? Did Elsie get a new boat, or...?
Elsie's New Boat?
Naw. One second glance, it's simply a fridge floating in the canal. Probably left over from when Bob got his outboard ripped off several months ago. The popular theory holds that the "tieves" floated across the canal using this fridge the better able to ply their craft for their ill-gotten gains.
Canal Fridge
Well, this is all I have time for... It's my night to prepare supper. Some gastronomic delight will be forthcoming soon.

Probably left-overs again. That's my specialty.


Anonymous said...

That frog looks like a Plastic or ceramic pool ornament. It looks pretty good there.

Dave Rider said...

Hmmm. Not sure what happened to my answering comment...
I just said it seemed like a really neat idea and that I wondered if anyone already made such things for pools.