09 April, 2009

MIB Had It Right

The movie, Men In Black (MIB), had it right. We only thought it was comedy and sci-fi. In the movie, aliens worked for the US Postal Service. I believe it. Our mail is definitely more well-traveled than we are.

I wrote about this once before ( Now, I've again received even more confirmation of what I've been strongly suspecting about that agency.

This morning, when I stopped at the Post Office in Corozal (of the Belize Postal Department, not to be confused with the apparently inept USPS), I opened my box and retrieved two envelopes, both originating from the U.S., and very clearly addressed to us here in Corozal, complete with "... CENTRAL AMERICA" most clearly typewritten in the address.

Accross the front of the envelopes was in bright red caps, was stamped the following:


Now, I know it wasn't the Belize Postal folks who couldn't figure out where Corozal, Belize Central America was. So, that only leaves one likely culprit. Not to mention any names, but their initials are the UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE!

Short of hiring illiterates, or possibly programmers who didn't get what the mission was with automated address reader machines, there could only be one other cause of such screw-ups. The USPS really does hire aliens. I don't know which would be worse.

In any case, I will probably continue to note it here each time we get missent mail. At least till something else catches my eye.

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