07 April, 2009

Shipping from the States

Here's some information that I just assumed I'd mentioned previously. I don't think I have as it turns out.

Thanks to Wilma's question, for prompting me.

There's three that I can recommend.

The first two ship by weight (more or less - as much as you can figure this stuff out.). They both are their own customs brokers as well.

1. Marage Shipping and Trucking Service
3720 South Normandie Avenue, Apt. #3
Los Angeles, CA 90007
Email: (either for Clifford, Darla, or their son, Brinston)
I've used Marage Shipping quite a bit. They come down quite frequently, by truck from LA to Houston then by ocean container to Belize, and/or by truck to Belize from LA. They act as their own customs broker.
2. Roy and Son Trucking
2620 West View Street
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Nena Pascascio in LA: 323-732-0376
Roy Pascascio's cell phone in Belize: 621-9353
Both Doug, my neighbor and I have used Roy and Son. Doug more than I have. They don't seem to ship as frequently as Marage. They ship by truck to Houston to a container ship to Belize. Roy also is his own customs broker.
The last ships by size. I'm not sure if Sterling is their own customs broker or not.

3. Sterling Freight Systems
Energy Freight Systems
14310 Interdrive East
Suite 300
Houston, TX 77032 USA
Fax: 011-501-824-2325 (Belize)
Tel: 011-501-824-2496
Cell: 011-501-601-8479
Email Dan Roth, Operations:
Doug has used Sterling to ship a large generator (350 lbs). I haven't used them.
I know there's other shipping companies that seem to have contacts in other parts of Belize, so I would recommend you check with other folks in the areas of Belize you are moving to, to see who they recommend.

Hope this helps.


guest1 said...

Is this info on folks to use in shipping items to Belize still good?


Dave Rider said...

Hi Eddy,

I made short work of the update to this post as an answer to you.
If you go to you'll see the update to your question. Thanks for asking, I hope I helped some.