15 March, 2009

Stay... Stay... Come

Just a short one here. Each morning when the girls and I go for a walk, when we come back, the routine has become, as we approach the gate, they have to sit and stay. Then I open the gate and walk in, going the length of the house. Usually, I take the time to unlock the downstairs as well.
Only then do they get to move and come in at my command. They do really well at this too - even if there's traffic or pedestrians going by. Pretty cool. They learned it really quickly too.
After they come up to where I am, that's when I divest them of their leashes and packs. They're then free to run around like crazy. It's now playtime.


  1. Anonymous20/3/09 17:53

    Now how could anyone be looking at that at those two and not think ...'and they're so darn cute too!'

    Well, I see no one has commented yet....I couldn't help it.

    ya' neighbour

  2. Cindy and Secret say "Thanks. We're just Showdogs!"


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