15 March, 2009

Stay... Stay... Come

Just a short one here. Each morning when the girls and I go for a walk, when we come back, the routine has become, as we approach the gate, they have to sit and stay. Then I open the gate and walk in, going the length of the house. Usually, I take the time to unlock the downstairs as well.
Only then do they get to move and come in at my command. They do really well at this too - even if there's traffic or pedestrians going by. Pretty cool. They learned it really quickly too.
After they come up to where I am, that's when I divest them of their leashes and packs. They're then free to run around like crazy. It's now playtime.


Anonymous said...

Now how could anyone be looking at that at those two and not think ...'and they're so darn cute too!'

Well, I see no one has commented yet....I couldn't help it.

ya' neighbour

Dave Rider said...

Cindy and Secret say "Thanks. We're just Showdogs!"