06 October, 2008

Saturday Continued After Work

So, the guys knocked off about 11:00 AM... And just in time too, for all the rain, and more rain, and more. Rain.

Did I mention that it rained?

Tarps were put over the pool floor and that was all she wrote for Saturday workwise.

We had been invited to John's for some Indian curry and almost canceled out because of the rain. Lucky thing we didn't because John is an excellent curry chef. He had a kettle of shrimp curry and one of chicken, with the shrimp being the hotter of the two.

I was supposed to cook the rice, but since we were delayed by rain, Joe took over that task and did an admirable job of it.

Shortly after we got there, everyone sat down at a table under John's patio roof and dug in. I think we all ate till we were ready to pop.

After a brief respite, we went inside to John's living room which is set up as a movie theatre - complete with wall-to-wall screen, where we watched Sacha Baron Cohen's character Ali G in the movie Indahouse. In the movie, Ali G is a "wigger"—a stereotyped white, middle-class, suburban male sucking up Jamaican and African-American culture, especially hip hop and reggae. In the movie, Ali G gets elected to Parliament, and foils a plot to bulldoze a community center in his hood of Staines.

Ali G was a fictional character played by Cohen who appeared in several British TV shows as well as the movie,The character of Ali G has been retired, as has Borat, another character created by Cohen, who was probably more well known in the States.

Anyway, it made for an entertaining and funny afternoon. We made it home a little after 5:00 PM. Plum tuckered out.

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