06 October, 2008

And Sunday, There Was More

Sunday, although the rain continued sporadically, Manuel, showed up at 7:00 AM to work on our rubble pile.

The object here was to move it from one place to another. It's first location, was in the way of the deck to come.

So, we had Manuel move it over to the big rubble pile that's actually on Elsie's property. Not to worry though. Most of it should disappear into the foundation of the guest house. Any left over, we'll have trucked away.

Rain continued most of the day and on into the evening. Earlier in the afternoon, Canadian Bob came over talking about his lack of connectivity to the Internet, and about our upcoming construction project as he's going to build our guest house.

We eventually moved over to Bob's house and shared some more beers. We were joined by Gregg from Copa Banana, and later still by Mae and Craig.

About 5:30 or so, we all decided to head downtown to try out the new palapa restaurant owned by the folks who run Vamp's Chill and Grill. We ate upstairs and had a really good time. The food was surprisingly good, beer was cold and no bugs. No rain either!

We made it home about 9:30 PM or so. Crash and burn.

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