04 October, 2008

It Really Is Saturday Today

Today will be a short workday for the guys. For lunch, John is cooking up a batch of curry (I think shrimp and lobster) and all the crew has been invited to his house to partake - including Dianna and me.

An additional bonus for the guys... John has a big screen TV and has promised them a run through of the blog showing the pool construction.
Heeere's Johnny!
Even though the walk this morning with the girls was cut short by rain, it didn't rain enough to delay the pouring of the Diamond Bright for the floor. Here's Manuel, Agusto, Mariano and Emir hard at it.
Manuel Mixing and Agusto Sponging
Agusto and Mariano Sponging Up Rainwater
Mariano Sponging Rainwater / As is Agusto
As is Agusto
Camera-Shy Manuel
Emir Hauling Diamond Bright
It's probably going to take about fifteen bags of Diamond Brite to do just the floor of the pool. Lots of mixing and hauling and troweling.
Emir and Mariano Moving Bags
Mixing in the Water
Looks Like Tasty-Freez Soft Ice Cream
Agusto and Mariano Share a Laugh
Joe and John Watch Emir Spread the Diamond Bright
Emir Spreading the Diamond Bright
Emir Really Into His Work
Emir Enjoying Himself
Joe Watching the Diamond Bright Operation
Now the floor pour is almost complete. Just a little bit more to go.
Waiting for the Diamond Bright to Set
Nothing else to do while you're waiting but to tell jokes and stories.
Putting the Spa to Good Use
As you can see by the tell-tale marks, the mix hasn't quite set yet. And, with a threatening sky, rain could become an issue.
Footprints in the Sand, As It Were
Here we go. Pouring the last of the floor mix. and Mariano doing the honors with the trowel.
Getting the Last Bit Out
Reaching With the Trowel
Mariano Polishing Out the Ridges
Rain Threatens the Floor
Now Rain Really Threatens
But Good News, The sky is lightening to the east. So with luck, it will be clearing in a few moments...

"Whew!", he said brightly and quite hopefully.

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Richard Lawry said...

I just found your blog today. I love Belize, and have many Belizean friends. Hope you get your pool done soon. I will be back to Belize as soon as I save up enough money - may be a year or so.