27 August, 2008

Something I Forgot and Some Things I Didn't

Overdue congratulations to Lynn and Pete French! After 10 years, they tied the knot at the end of April. From their pictures, Seattle looks positively sunny! They'll be coming back down to Corozal in November. Lynn also sent us some of those most prized possessions - books. BTW, Lynn, the books arrived in great condition too.
-Lynn and Pete
When we first moved down here, I thought it was strange how ravenous folks here would become at the thought of new books. I'll admit it. Dianna and I have become the same way. I've read books on topics I would have simply passed by up North, just to have something to read. And, it's weird too. It's not like we don't have any books to read. We actually have quite a few. But, I think it's the psychological effect knowing that you can't just pop over to Barnes and Noble and browse for an hour or so.

This last Saturday, we had one of those hectic days that Belize is so well known for...

First, it was our turn to host the meeting of the Southend Neighborhood Watch Association. Which meant I had to run into town that morning and get stuff for the get-together. Then, we had to actually have the meeting. We didn't know how many folks would actually attend, so we were unsure whether to have the meeting in our house or to hold it down under the parking palapa.

We opted for the house. Almost a mistake. We had about a dozen folks show up, including three officers from the Belize Police Department. Incoming Superintendent Miguel Guzman, Officer In Charge, who replaced Supt. Myvette, as well as outgoing Senior Sergeant George Avila and his replacement, Senior Sergeant Telford Moody. Sgt. George was the officer we saw most often at the Neighborhood Watch meetings. We'll miss him very much. Hopefully, Sgt. Moody will continue the tradition.

Then, at the conclusion of that meeting, we had to quickly jump into the Isuzu and rush over to Nigel and Jenni's to help Nigel celebrate his "39th" birthday (I never did find out what his actual birthday was).

Nigel thoughtfully took some pictures for me to post on the blog. It was fun. Jenni baked not one, but two scrumptious cakes, which the group proceeded to demolish in short order.
Birthdays in Paradise
Birthdays in Paradise - Always Plenty to Eat
Something To Be Treasured
Something To Be Shared
With Neighbors
and With Friends
Near and Far
It was a nice time. I'm glad we were able to attend. Thanks Jenni for the invite and the cake. Thanks Nigel, for having the birthday. I hope there's many more!

Regarding the fire near our place the other day... I finally got some pictures that give, sort of, a view of the burn. It's still not real graphic, which is just as well, I suppose. No stark expanses of white ash with smoldering wisps of smoke curling up from the devastation. It could have been like that had the winds been just a little different.

BEL, just days before the burn, had chopped their power line rights of way, so there was plenty of fuel to burn alongside the road. Naturally, it caught and burnt. The only casualty of the fire, other than plants, was Mr. Quinto's telephone line and a telephone pole. The pole was leaning over the roadway and the line was snapped.
BEL Roadside Chopping Burned
The Big Burn Area Facing the Canal
Another View Of The Big Burn Area
I have posted pictures of some of the fence painting that Cody, our Caretaker has done. I realized I hadn't shown the gate area with its new paint job, so here it is.
The Gate Area
And New Paint
This morning, as the girls and I were walking, I took the opportunity to snap a shot of the head of the canal. This is where it starts - the other end empties into the bay.

I had just stopped, had the girls sit, still on their leashes, and I was aiming the camera, when out of the corner of my eye I saw a young 2 to 2 1/2 foot-long crocodile thrash about in the bush right at the edge of the canal and then jump into the canal. Obviously, we had caught him snoozing a bit.
The Head Of The Canal

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