29 August, 2008

More Changes

So, you say you want a pool, eh? Not a problem - Comin' right up!

Here's the latest iteration of our place. You'll notice toward the bottom, there's a new addition or three.

We're getting a swimming pool! We think it'll look something like this when it's done. there's some other things too, like a planned guest house down the way a bit, and some round, bluish-looking things. Those are supposted to be cisterns - about 600 gallons each.
Bird's Eye View Of Our Place
Anyway, I think it's getting pretty close to being a finished project (he said with tongue in cheek).


toupeeo said...

Boffo on the birds eye view of your Paradise. Hi to Dianna.

Sandy A. said...

I know you are excited about your pool! Ours is an endless source of relaxation and entertainment!

Dave and Dianna Rider said...

Sandy, do you live in Belize? How about PM'ing me? - Dave