25 August, 2008

Sharing Now, More Than Ever

Dianna's laptop finally died... RIP. Now, we're sharing my laptop - two separate accounts, but one laptop. We're still adjusting to actually having to share online time.

Roger Cookson and I spent some quality time trying to resurrect her machine, all to no avail. I formatted her hard drive and reinstalled Windows to the factory state. Unfortunately, most of the problems that caused the problem still were with us after having done all that work. So, it's to the great PC graveyard in the sky with it. Of course, I'll take out the hard drive and physically destroy that myself.

The day before yesterday, in the afternoon, we had a good scare. Some kids had been fishing in the canal earlier and our guess is that they started a fire to cook some fish they caught. Well, when they left, it flared up and turned into a righteously burning blaze. Lots of popping and roaring as it burned the bush north of us. Thankfully, it only burned about a lot in size, but it definitely had our attention. I charged up and laid out four of our hoses in case we had to wet a defensive perimeter, or worse - "put the wet stuff on the red stuff". That last was technical fire jargon, if you were wondering. It finally burned out about sunset, then smoldered throughout the night and in fact, is still smoldering this morning. I smelled smoke most of the night, and as the girls and I returned from our walk this morning, I could see several wispy columns of smoke from the burn area. I was going to take some photos of the burn, but shooting from street-level, nothing would have shown up that you could clearly say, "Oh, my! That's definitely burned."

Speaking of walking, as we walked this morning, I took more pictures. Strange how that happens...

Here's one I like. As we were walking along the waterfront park across from Menzie's Belize Transfer Services, I spied a heron fishing along the shore. I managed to get a pretty good shot of the heron. Not as close as I would have liked, but with the dogs, as close as I could get without them going berserk to get at the bird.
Heron On The Prowl
As we were coming back out of Corozal, we walked by the fisherman's pier where they were unloading the day's catch. Here's a couple of the boats tied up at the pier.
Fishing Boats At the Pier
And, of course, the fish have to be cleaned. Here's a couple of guys cleaning the fish. I don't know if they have the same division of labor as at the fish market downtown, but I wouldn't be surprised.
Cleaning the Catch
Right by the fishermen, in fact the area they use to sell their fish, is called Mother's Park. Here's a statue commemorating that.
Mother's Park Statue
Here's one I've wondered about since we moved here. I've always seen this plaque in the park. So I stopped with the girls and took a gander. It commemorates (sort of) the founding and naming of Corozal for the "Corozo" tree, and that Johnny Briceno (local politician) planted the tree and placed the plaque. Of course, the tree is long gone, but the plaque still remains.
Corozal's Corozo Tree
Just across the street from the Tree plaque is St. Paul's Anglican Church. Just a local landmark. They sponsored the Christmas bash we went to last year and documented on the blog.
St. Paul's By The Sea

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