23 August, 2008

Every Day is Saturday - Some More Than Others

Hoo boy! I should have written up last night's game between the Mariners and the Athletics. What a barn-burner! The lead changed several times, with lots of exciting plays and, best of all, the M's won 7 - 5! Yea!

Our daily walk into Corozal showed the carnival was about ready to start up, just in time for the weekend. Strange how that seems to work. There wasn't really anything exciting to take pictures of this morning, so I'll leave the carny up to your imagination. Don't forget to include palm trees, warm weather and water, really loud punta and reggae music and a huge crowd. There, I think you've got it. Don't eat too much cotton candy.

Along the seawall as we were heading toward the carny setup, the girls and I passed some folks getting set for a day of fishing. Here they are loading the beer - er, I mean bait, into the boat. Looks like it's going to be a sunscreen day, for sure, on the water.
Loading the Boat
We continued our walk on down to the Thunderbolt Ferry pier downtown. I don't think the boat leaves for San Pedro till 8:00 AM, but by 6:30 AM, there were quite a few folks bringing their luggage and freight down to the pier.

It's a two-hour trip to San Pedro, and on a day like this, should be just fantastic. It costs about the same as the plane, but with sun and smooth water, would be much more pleasurable.
Loading Up the Thunderbolt
We left the Thunderbolt pier and headed into downtown, to the Central Park, where we looked at the trees and some of us checked calling cards on the trees, if you get my drift.

The park has quite a few benches all around the park. Pretty fancy cast benches with wood seats.
Central Park Benches
Each has the national seal and the words "Donated by the Corozal Town Council" cast into the backrest along with a small plaque saying who actually made the donation. Several are in memory of friends or family.
Park Bench Detail
Right beside the park is the Corozal Town Hall, seat of government. This is where I go each month to pay my garbage bill. The cashier knows my name. In fact, as soon as I come in the door, she usually has the receipt about half made out by the time I get up to her counter.
Corozal Town Hall
We crossed 5th Avenue from the park, by the taxi union stand and walked over to the post office and checked our mail box. Dang it. Empty.

From there, we walked past the market place, which was the only area at that time of morning that was bustling with activity, as all the vendors were beginning to set up their shops and stalls for the day.

After that, we turned south on the highway, working our way back out of town and heading home. About the time we hit Cannon Corners, Secret was pretty pooped and was beginning to drag a bit. I think Cindy, on the other hand, would go and go and go, probably till she dropped.

As we turned back onto Ferry Road, I snapped a picture of Doug and Twyla's house, which is nearing completion. I know they're looking forward to moving in. Like our house, the streetside of the house is the backside of the place - which is what you see here.
Doug and Twyla's House
As we got home, I wanted to stop and take a little better picture of the door. So, even though by that time, both of the girls were ready for a rest, we strolled on down past our place, so I could take a shot of it again.

There used to be a house there, as there is still some bits of a concrete pad behind it. Now, all that remains is the door.
The Door Into Paradise - Again
After we got home, and I released the dogs, I saw Dianna and Miss Blue out walking, mainly so Blue can eat some grass. Here Miss Blue is exploring behind the house.
Miss Blue, Out and About

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