22 August, 2008

Friday's Walk

Actually, before Friday's walk, it was Thursday evening, I'm sitting on the couch, a nice cold Belikin in hand, hot pepper cheeze puffs being stuffed into my mouth, and... The SEATTLE MARINERS on TV - Live!
Kenji Johjima At Bat At Safeco Field
Here we are, three or four thousand miles away from the Northwest and I'm watching the Mariners, live on TV. I've managed to catch several of their games so far this season. What made it even more memorable is that I was able to stay awake through the whole thing. I mean, after all, the game didn't start till 8:30 PM Belize time. That's almost an hour past our usual bedtime!

Unfortunately, all my work on their behalf (finding the game, getting the beer and snacks, getting comfortable, etc.) didn't help the M's pull out a win against Oakland. Here it was bottom of the ninth, the A's are on top 2-0, Mariners at bat, bases are loaded, two out, and Raul Ibanez grounds out to the shortstop. End of game. Well it's not like M's fans aren't used to that scenario. Oh, well. It was a lot of fun. Safeco Field is still the best looking ball park in the Majors.

So, on to Friday morning - this morning. 6:00 AM, and the girls have coaxed me out onto the road again. As we get about 200 yards down the road, I get to see my first honest-to-goodness coral snake. Dead, but still a coral snake. You know, "Red on black, friend of Jack. Red on Yelow, kill a fellow", type coral snake. If you double click on this image, you'll see the blown-up visual and can easily see the distinctive markings.
Dead Coral Snake
I'm not sure exactly what happened to him. His head is missing, so maybe someone whacked him with a machete (not unusual), then he got run over. Either way, he's dead as a stone.

The walk from there on is pretty uneventful till we get into town where they're setting up the carnival. This morning, as the girls and I came by, the crew was busy already setting up the ferris wheel. So we stopped and i took a few pictures of the activity.
Getting The Next Section Ready
Ferris Wheel Is Going Up
I like this next shot. I think it's quite a nice composition. But, that's just me. I'm easy to please.
Way Up High
Have a nice weekend. If you go to Safeco, wave at the camera. Maybe I'll see you and wave back.

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