13 June, 2008

Gravel Everywhere

Yesterday, as we were doing the usual stuff around here, a "pascle" of pelicans (pronounced "passal" ) - also spelled "pascal", and it may be a fictitious term as well. But what else would you call a group of pelicans flying in formation? That's something I've never seen before.

They came over our house about 20-25 above it. Of course, I didn't have my camera at the ready, so by the time I grabbed it, here's the result. Higher in altitude and further away. Looks more like geese at this distance. Trust me, it's pelicans.

In looking up what to call them, I also found out that there's a group of pelicans who spend part of the year in Colorado, of all places (pelicans in Colorado?) Who'da thunk it?
A Pascle of Pelicans in Formation
After our Tropical Storm Arthur, I got cracking bringing in gravel for the driveway, under the palapa and around the back side of the house. What a difference. And, it's amazing how it really cleans everything up - from a mud perspective and from just looking very neat and tidy.
Gravel on the Driveway is Done
Around the backside, I installed a 25-foot French drain, tied in to the gutter downspout run over to the long drain pipe to the canal. Since there is no perforated pipe available locally, I drilled the pipe lengths and then had to go to Alex, the tailor (I thought about Motel Kamzoil, but settled for Alex). I had him make a polyester "sock" for the pipe, 10" wide x 25' long, so that when sown, it had a diameter of 3.5". It barely fit over the pipe. That tailoring cost me $12.00 BZ. That includes the cloth and the sewing.

Incidently, I had Alex make two pair of shorts for me, based on shorts I already had. They came out perfect except for the waist buttons. Poor quality and they broke. As soon as Dianna gets her stuff unloaded, she said she's got some buttons that will work just fine. Those shorts cost $30.00 BZ each - including cloth and sewing.

I'll never order shorts from Lands End again!

Anyway, we put the French drain in running the length of the back of the house, then Cody filled it with gravel. Really spiffed the area up. And the drain works like a champ!
French Drain On House Backside

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