07 June, 2008

End of the Work Week

The last projects for the week involved laying about 180 feet of 3" drain pipe and connecting three floor drains to it to pull rain water from the yard and driveway back to the canal where it empties.

I really was surprised that this was completely done in two days. Just digging the trench was a huge task. Laying the pipe, of course, went much faster, but still, I didn't expect to get it done yesterday.
Laying 20' Pipe Sections
This pipe goes all the way back, under the wall and empties into the canal.
That's A Long Stretch
I had the guys install three 4" floor drains, one in each of the soak-aways Cody built to handle run-off from the gutters, and one (below) that will drain a trouble spot in the driveway itself.

With the drains at each of the soak-aways, the guys connected the pipes from the gutters directly into the long drain pipe. If all works as planned, we should have much less of a rain water puddling problem than before.
Digging Under the Curb for Driveway Drain
While Isaiel was here installing the burglar bar windows and doors downstairs, Dianna took advantage of his having his arc-welder handy by having him tack some of the iron pieces that were loose on some of the old ornamental iron pieces she is going to use as trellises at various spots in the garden.
Dianna's Trellises
A trouble spot in the driveway was under the palapa. It prevented rain from landing on the ground under the palapa, but didn't stop it flowing in from all around, and leaving the stickiest layer of muck under the palapa. Well, that's solved now with 4" of gravel. It'll tie into the driveway really well with one more load of gravel yet to be ordered.
Mucky No More
It's amazing just how much the gravel in the driveway changes everything - really gives a finished look to the whole place, and... No more mud!
Now I Have to Wash the Isuzu

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Anonymous said...

Next project is the golf course. You have the knowledge of draining off water in a hurry. That is what they do, if its designed well. The place is looking very good.