19 June, 2008

Still Keeping On

Even though we're into our rainy season, and it's also hurricane season, and we've had Tropical Storm Arthur, work must go on.

Dianna has been working de-rusting her old iron railing/trellises, and has been positioning them around the yard. Here, she's painting a wall on the well house prior to putting one of the trellises there so she can have a vine grow up and over the well house.
The Artist At Work
Besides spreading gravel, we've had Cody busy making more curbs. This time, it's around the palapa, so we can contain the gravel in the parking/driveway areas.
Cody's Handiwork
Forming the Curbing
I've been busy too. It's taken several days of effort, and my back has let me know about it too (only at night), but the big truck is finally empty. I've told Carlos (Jim and Melanie's Caretaker) that he can earn a commission by rounding up a buyer for me. He seems to have a knack for that sort of thing. A regular wheeler and dealer of the vehicular sort. I hope it sells soon too.
Empty as a Cavern
Everything that was in the truck had to go somewhere. Since we didn't throw too much of it away, guess where we put it. That's right - in the basement. Here's some shots of my workshop and Dianna's hobby room. there's almost enough room to slip through.

That's until we have some shelves and benches made. Then things should look a lot better.
Looking Towards the Door in My Workshop
Looking From the Door in My Workshop
Of course, it really is a relief to have everything under one roof. We've been working toward this for a long time.
Dianna's Hobby Room - Filled to the Brim
The rest of the downstairs isn't doing too bad. the utility room actually has room to spare - even with 5 bags of water softener salt stored there.
The Utility Room Gets By Lightly
Relatively Neat and Tidy
And the tool and storage room is looking very prim and proper (Notice the pool toys below...). I can't wait to get a full complement of shelves throughout the basement. Then we'll be doing fine.
Tool Storage Room
Beer Fridge is fully stocked
And the last thing for today's entry. After 4 months of glorious relaxation with a good book, in fact, many good books, including the electronic kind (I have a Sony eReader, which I love. It currently has almost 150 books stored in it.), we've reentered the land of commercials and buy, buy, buy.

We got Star Choice satellite TV. From Net King in Belize City. They set you up with a Canadian account and so we can now watch all the hockey we can stand. Ok Hosers!
Our Satellite Dish Farm
The Dish Farm

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You can start a new business. Two men and a truck. You have the truck. Ha!