05 June, 2008

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You can see some pictures of the flooding down in southern Belize at ( courtesy of the Belize National Emergency Management Office (NEMO). What a cool acronym.
Now that we're done with the heavy rain for a couple of days or so, it's time to get back to work.

Y'know, it seems that Thursdays are our crazy day around here. Yesterday was no exception. We had Elsie here, Florencio and his crew building her parking palapa (about 1/2 the size of ours), Cody as usual, three guys he brought in for me to help him dig the long trench, and Isaiel and his helpers doing the burglar bars and doors downstairs.

Of course, today, Friday, seems to be about the same as Thursday. All the guys I mentioned above are here today too.

After today, when Isaiel and his guys finish the burglar bars, we'll finally be able to unload the truck. That'll seem like Christmas, I'm sure. Then we'll be able to sell the truck and it won't be hanging around anymore.
Burglar Bar Doors and Windows Are Going In Downstairs
We also took advantage of a break in the weather to have a couple loads (10-15 cubic yards each) of gravel brought in. So far, Cody has gotten the first load spread. it really looks good and gets rid of mud. Yeah!!!
A New Bed of Gravel Really Helps
A New Bed of Gravel Really Looks Good Too
We're also working on a bit more curbing to help corral the gravel. Here you can see a new planter bed right beside the palapa to help direct traffic to the palapa.
Curbing Going In
2nd Load of Gravel Yet to be Spread
Even though the two soak-aways Cody put in seemed like a good idea, with the heavy rain earlier and the run-off from Elsie's lot (hers is higher than ours), they just proved inadequate. So, as a result, I decided we needed to install 3" drain pipe to the canal, to take the rainwater from the gutters, and the run-off, etc., to the canal. So that's what is going on here. My next step will be to actually get the 3" pipe (12 - 20' lengths) and to find the appropriate drain heads to install. Then, we'll be ready for the next big rain. As long as the canal stays lower than the pipe outfall.
Just Like Road Workers
Keeping Those Tools Upright

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