07 April, 2008

Murder Most Foul

Well, this morning started off somewhat interestingly.

As we got up, Cindy, was coughing more than usual (she's had a slight cough from the heartworm medications) since we got her.

As we were sitting on the porch making sure the egrets got off to work on time, we noticed what at first appeared to be mud on Cindy's leg and torso. The closer we looked, the more it appeared to be blood. But, we couldn't find a wound. Then as I went downstairs, I noticed a few spots of blood on the lower stairs, then a regular trail of it through the breezeway. As Dianna tracked it, it seemed to continue all along the drain field wall, ending at the pile of thatch stacked against the side yard wall.
The Trail Heading To The Back Porch
Back-tracking, the bloody trail seemed to head toward the streetside or back porch. I followed the trail up the stairs.
Up the Stairs
Wow! Blood was everywhere. Somebody really got the short end of the stick here!
Scene of the Crime?
We checked Cindy again for wounds and found none. In fact, she chased a couple of cars as she does, to bark at them from the fence, so she appeared pretty much normal.
Blood in Abundance on the Back Porch
Was Cindy the victim or the perp? I guess we'll never know for sure as she's not talking. I suspect she would claim self-defense however. It's just odd that we didn't hear anything at all last night. No growling, scuffling, or anything.
A Mess to Clean Up
If you've never tried to clean up blood, let me tell you, it's not easy. Especially after it's had a chance to coagulate for a few hours. I hosed off the porch, stairs, breezeway, etc., scrubbing everything, and threw Cindy's sleeping blanket in the wash after hosing it off as well.

I guess that's where the mystery lands. I leave it to you to conjecture a solution.

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Anonymous said...

This is really strange, obviously the poor creature was in great distress. Just wondering if Cindy was even present at the time. Could it be that she just received the blood stains on her after visiting the scene? Strange how large deposits of blood found near both ends of the porch - like the animal paused and sat there for moment. Where you guys out at all during the late evening?
Twyla and Doug