10 April, 2008

And the Work Goes On

Even though we've only got a partial crew here today. Abraham's brother's truck (that he's been using to haul everyone from Guinea grass) was developed a main bearing problem. He was hoping to have it out of the shop yesterday, but no go.

So, today we have two workers. Both working on the windows, so there is still some progress being made.
Installing the Louvered Windows
Finished Installing Louvered Windows
There was some problems with the windows. Hey, it just wouldn't be right to not have problems. Anyway, the first thing was, Vasco Doors and Windows, brought glass louvers instead of aluminum. Back those went. Then, to make the aluminum ones, it's more expensive - naturally. Also, for some obscure reason, they couldn't make the aluminum louvers the same length as the glass ones, necessitating the guys building up the window space with more blocks. You can see that above to the right.

One of the other guys missing today is the ace plasterer, Romero. He had something he needed to do down in Belize City. Here's what he worked on yesterday. These things are not easy to cement into place, the blocks are tapered on all four sides. Seems like it would have been better to make them flat sided and maybe with a groove to interlock with other ones, perhaps. But, what do I know?
Decorative Blocks Getting into Place
Cody was working on digging a couple soak-away pits for the rain gutters. He's going to line them with gravel and possibly top them with concrete. We'll see how it all comes out. We'll run 3" pipe from the house over to the soak-aways. This will be a tentative measure so we don't have to get cisterns right away. If they work, fine. If not, then we know that too.
Soak-Away #1 in Progress
Cody has also been planting trees and other flowers, shrubbery, weeds, - uh, scratch the weeds. He hasn't been planting weeds.
Cody Planting Palms
He also is selling his van. He asked me to take a photo of it for him to help sell it. So I put together a collage of several views. Here's one below. Interested? Give him a call. He'd love to hear from you.
Cody's Van For Sale
Dianna has been busy too. She had Cody coat the wire fabric of the arch with some stuff that turns rust black. Then she started painting it gloss black with Rustoleum. She enlisted Francisco's help to do the higher pieces.
Dianna and Francisco Working on the Arch
I must be the only one without a job... Uh huh, right.

Brenda had a good thought about the blood from my last posting. She said maybe Cindy is affected by heart worms and is coughing up that. Very good possibility. We'll keep a close eye on her for sure.

BTW, something totally unrelated. I now have software to manage my iPod without using iTunes. They're called Foobar2000 ( to manage iPod files on the PC, and Floola (, to manage the songs and stuff on the iPod itself. Of course that means I don't use (or even have installed) iTunes from Apple. But since I buy most of my music from eMusic ( that's not much of a concern. I love not being beholden to the major players. Also, I don't use Internet Explorer (I use FireFox), Outlook (I use Thunderbird), MS Word, MS PowerPoint, or MS Excel (I use for all of it). and photo stuff like Gimp instead of PhotoShop, etc., etc., etc. Just a little blah, blah, blah for alternative software.



Vivien said...

I agree with Brenda that Cindy may have heartworm and be coughing up that bllod. I hope she is feeling okay now.
Your place is looking really good and things seem to be progressing quite quickly.

Vivien said...