12 April, 2008

And On, And On, And

Work continues to progress. The guys have been diligent in placing and finishing the concrete work for the louvered windows as you can see below. They're starting to look like they've always been there.
Looking the Length of the 'Basement'
Louvers In Place
In addition to the louvers, the decorative blocks have been moving right along. They've been kind of hard to install, since they're tapered on all four sides, and not grooved or notched so as to be somewhat interlocking for some reason. They do look pretty cool in place.
Double Blocks -From the Inside
Double Blocks - From the Outside
And the single blocks. The arrangement is mirrored in the other breezeway as well.
From the Inside Here Too
And From the Outside Here Too
Here's the view looking out from the inside.
Looking Out

The front (canal-side, lest you forget) blocks are a bit trickier to install since the stairs block so much of the area where the workers need to be able to finish the mortar.
Canal-Side - Inside
Canal-Side - Outside
The inside is beginning to take shape. Tile work is beginning. Here's the first course of tiles laid down. The tile here is just a plain brown with no pattern.
Laying the First Course of Tiles
Laying the First Course of Tiles - All the Way
The First Course Roughed In
Today, will see finishing the decorative blocks, laying more tile, after I go and get three more bags of cement and six more bags of Thinset mortar. Also, on tap for today is the digging of holes for the vertical poles for the parking palapa, as well as delivery (I hope) of most or all of the poles and sticks needed for the palapa. That's enough for a Saturday, I think.

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