19 March, 2008

and More

We're ready for the big pour. I've got the blocks delivered last evening, the bags of cement and the sand and gravel should all be delivered early this morning (I hope). Then the pour will commence and probably be done fairly early.

Everything has the steel fabric laid down ready for concrete.
Streetside Breezeway
Generator Room
the Main Area
Canalside Breezeway
Here's the blocks being unloaded. About 15 minutes before they arrived, the Belblock office called to say the blocks wouldn't be delivered till the morning. Then, here they are at the gate. We're flexible.
Unloading the Blocks
Nothing is Palletized
Five hundred - 6" Blocks Ready to Use
Of course, planning and preparation are necessary. Dianna is finally able to get down to some serious garden design. We've got drawings from one end of the house to the other.
Cindy and Dianna Working Up a Garden Design
During all this flurry of major concrete stuff going on, Cody is still working on the curbing. Here's a shot showing some of the completed work and the trench for curbing still to come. Believe me, in real life it looks more serpentine than the erratic way it looks in this photo.
Cody's Curbing

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