19 March, 2008

Today's Results

Ok. It was sort of a Wham! Bam! kind of morning. Abraham and his crew showed up at 7:15 AM this morning. We had gotten blocks delivered yesterday evening, but they weren't needed for this part of the project. The 35 bags of cement were promised "first thing", but since they didn't open till 8:00 AM, nothing was happening there for a while. It was a good thing we had a reserve of 9 bags stored in the well house. That and Elsie's sand and gravel saved the day and got everyone busy till deliveries could take effect.
A Distance Shot of the Work
Here's a nice shot of the "Machine". Bob's mixer works really nicely. Even with 35 bags, plus the 9 we started out with, we ran short. Abraham and I made a quick run into town to Gomez's to purchase and haul an additional 10 bags.
The Machine At Work
Here's the Streetside breezeway and the generator room pretty much done.
Breezeway and Generator Room
Pouring the Canalside breezeway. Overall, the pour went really fast.
Pour, Pour, Pour
Floating and Pouring
Pouring the Main Area
Cody Finishing This Length of Curbing
And now, it's done. It went really fast. Everyone "busted a hump" to git 'er done. Abraham wanted to head up to the Free Zone to get some cheap gasoline and some other stuff.
Main Area Pour

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