08 May, 2007

Where We Live - Tony & Nelly's House - The Grounds

As we said earlier, we stumbled on this place thanks to Craig and Mae and Mae's parking ticket, which led to her talking to Tony and Nelly. Thanks all of you!

This is the front gate with the gates open - we usually close them at night or if we're gone during the day.

Looking back from the front door to the gate. Just so you can see the neighborhood.

Right next door is a neighbor's house that is under construction. They're getting ready to pour the concrete floor for a second story.

Here's the view just inside the gate looking toward the house.

This is looking from the front door to the right towards Tony's meat shop.

This feature is a 14-foot long planting box - made out of concrete and waist-high. Really handy. Not sure how it's made, but Dianna wants one or three.

Hey guys. You think a used fridge makes a good smoker? How about a custom, concrete block smoke house? Complete with a solid mahogany door no less!

Off the back corner of the house is a rainwater cistern for showers and flushing.

This is the backside of the wash house/tool shed with a rainwater cistern for the washing machine. Works like a champ.

This is a flowering bush (that's a technical term, folks) near the front gate...

Here's a batch of plantain getting ready to be fried up and sprinkled with powdered sugar. Mmmmm, good!

This is, well Dianna thinks it's Grapefruit, I think it 's Breadfruit. We'll see if we can find out and correct the text later on.

Now, we're looking from the gate area north across the property.

This shows the front porch area and the parking palapa - popular structures here in Belize for all sorts of uses.

This shot shows the house and front screened-in porch. Arguably the most popular room in the house - besides the workstation (even though Dianna would say poo on the workstation - she logs sufficient hours on the computer playing her games).

This shot takes in the two fan palms (they're huge!) and Tony's meat shop, which is locked up till Tony and Nelly's return from Holland in November.

The back of Tony's meat shop, showing the door to his walk-in reefer.

Here's one of twelve (that's 12 trees, with as many or more coconuts each) coconut trees on the grounds. Fresh coconut is really tasty. Cooking rice using coconut water makes for some sweet-tasting rice.

This is Tony's Grape vine. Someday, it may be the start of Tony's vinyard.

Some of the many flowering plants in the yard. Color everywhere. And it all attracts colorful birds as well.

Around the back of the house is the water heater. It's a demand heater, powered by butane. That's right butane, not propane. Butane is the gas of choice down here. As far as I can tell, there's little to no difference between the two. Also, gas is delivered on demand, just like beer and pop.

Tony and Nelly are growing some local hot, hot, hot peppers. We'll do our best to ensure a good harvest.

Here's something interesting... Looks like a hitching post in the old west - except it is covered in bromeliads and orchids.
An this, although not technically related to the house... Is our Isuzu Rodeo. 4-banger, 2wd. Cool heavy tinted windows all around, air conditioning (needs a new compressor), but so far, with the windows down, it's comfortable, so A/C is not mandatory (are we acclimating???).

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