08 May, 2007

Rainy Season Arrives at 4:24 AM, Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Hooray! The rainy season is upon us! It started just a little bit ago. I was working on my computer and I thought it was wind blowing steadily, but I didn't feel any breeze. Then it kicked up a notch and I realized it was the rain.

It came down pretty hard for, oh, I guess, about 10 minutes or so. Now it's stopped and the air really smells fresh and clean.

We should be getting daily rains now through August or September. Everything that browned out for the dry season should turn green in short order.

When we get a good rain that will last for an hour or two, I'll go out and wash the Isuzu. I made the mistake of rinsing it off the other day with a hose connected to city water. With the limestone base for everything around here, that was a major mistake. I didn't wipe down the body or the windshield and consequently ended up with spots all over. Live and learn.

Doing it with rain water should solve that problem.

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