08 May, 2007

As Promised - Corozal Post Office and Supreme Court

For your edification, here's the Corozal Post Office. If you follow the picture to the left, you'll see the post boxes (picture below). Follow the picture to the right and you'll come to the Supreme Court (last picture below).
This is about 1/3 of the post boxes. The rest are on the back side of the building.

This is the Corozal Supreme Court chambers. Court is not in session contrary to the sign. When it is in session, the sign is moved to the middle of the street and roadblocks put up to keep traffic from interrupting the Court's work. Court activity always seems to draw a crowd. Cheap entertainment. Of course, it was the same way when I worked for Emergency Management at the Okanogan County Courthouse. Everyone wanted to sit in the audience - especially if there was a juicy case being tried. No difference here.
No air conditioning in the courtroom. When you present your case, short and to the point I'm guessing, would be the order of the day. Not sure if heat influences decisions, but, I sure wouldn't want to temp them with a long, drawn-out defense.

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