08 May, 2007

We Met Dr. Sheila

One of Corozal's two veterinarians, Dr. Sheila Schmeling, DVM, Corozal Veterinary Clinic, is, like everyone else here, a character! She is straight forward, very easy to talk to, very caring about animals and people's interactions with them.

We took Tonya, Tony's dog that we're "babysitting" to her for examination for her lame left rear leg, and to get a dose of Frontline for ticks. Tonya, was actually much better riding in the car than I would have thought. She was reluctant to get into the rig - I had to lift her in. But, she rode like a trooper. Going into Dr. Sheila's, as everyone calls it, was intimidating for her, as Dr. Sheila has four large dogs that live there and of course, they had to come check Tonya out as she entered the compound.

The upshot of the visit was that her lameness may be caused by an infection that essentially causes arthritis. So, we have a course of pills to give her for the next few days. If we don't see any improvement soon, when we get back, we need to bring her back to Dr. Sheila's for an x-ray to see if there's another problem.

So, I know you're interested in costs... Initial office visit, flea and tick medicine application, exam, prescripted pills - what, about $75 - $100US for the whole thing? Guess again. Try $20BZ. That's $10US, folks!

For prices and care like that, our animals will be seeing Dr. Sheila regularly.

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