12 April, 2007

Just a matter of hours now

Well, here we are, getting closer to departure. It's a quarter to six Thursday morning. The airport shuttle will be here in 14.5 hours or so - but who's counting?

Dianna's almost completely packed. Has been since yesterday. I've got some stuff piled on my desk and have my pack out and ready to be loaded. I'll get that done throughout the day today.

We gave Nick and Kristin (Thanks, you two) an overly full sheet of info and instructions for babysitting our kids - I mean, cats. We've got tons of kitty food laid up for the duration. I know Midas and Blue will miss us while we're gone ("Hurry up and go already... You're interrupting my 22 hours of nap time." - Midas).

Assuming we have connectivity at the airport, we'll officially start the blog at Seatac tonight. Who knows, maybe even a picture or two.

I know we're both pretty excited about this trip. Surprisingly, I slept well last night. I haven't been for the past few however. I keep running through the trip - mostly after the trip really - When we move to Belize - Trying out scenarios of getting the cats down to Belize with minimal stress. Well, it's been stressing me out. I need the sleep! So, I am thankful I was able to get some good zz's last night.

Hey, how about those Mariners! Kicked some Boston booty last night. Felix is awesome!!! It was fun watching the game. I'm going to miss watching the M's down in Belize. So, as a result of my not being able to watch, I'm sure this guarantees the M's will have a winning season this year. Oh, well, I'll figure out a way...

And in other news, I saw on the Net that Kurt Vonnegut passed on. I enjoyed his books. In his own words - "And so it goes".

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  1. You may even be there by now (14:00 Pueblo) but I thought you might like to have something when you opened.

    I send comments but never see them. Are you getting my comments and if so where are they.


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