09 April, 2007

Getting nearer to departure and lists

Whooeeee! We're getting closer to departure day. Dianna's already packing (why am I not surprised?).

I've compiled a packing list for myself, to make the actual job of packing easier and so that I don't forget anything important. And yes, my list is longer than:
1. Teeshirts
2. Shorts

I've been experimenting with a new toy - a Garmin GPS unit (I know, I know, more high tech toys). But, of course!

I've been lightly bitten by the Geocaching bug (see for more info on this captivating activity). The reason I fell for it and got a GPS (well, the excuse, anyway) is that right at the hotel we'll be staying at for our first week in Belize is a geocache, called "Bananas by the Bay". Right now, there's only 15 caches in the whole country.

Speaking of high tech toys, here's a list of the stuff I'm taking with me besides the comprehensive list above:
3. GPS Unit
4. Laptop
5. Sony eBook
6. iPod
7. Digital camera
8. Electronic blood pressure cuff (we are getting older you know)
9. Related stuff - iGo power cord and some adapter units for recharging the toys; extra SD card for camera; extra batteries; Microphone equipped headset (for laptop and using Net2Phone for free calling computer to computer between Belize and CONUS).

As you can see, my list is down to just the bare essentials...

So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.


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