14 April, 2007

Howdy from Corozal Town, Belize

Well, Hi everyone. We made it! And, let me tell you, it wasn't easy. Started off with our trip to Seatac Airport. The airline said we needed to arrive at Seatac three hours prior to our flight since it was an international flight. Which meant that we would have to be there at 3:00 am for our 6:00 am flight.

Aeroporter would have had to pick us up at 1:00 am to get there by 3. That would have cost $115, since it would have been a special run just for us. So, we picked their last regular run of the day before for $45. Much better price.

They picked us up at 9:15 pm Thursday evening. We got to Seatac at 10:00. Checked in with American Airlines and got our boarding passes.

Here's where it begins to get weird.

They couldn't/wouldn't allow us to check our baggage since they closed completely at midnight. And, they opened at 4:00 am, when we could then check in. What happened to three a.m.? Who knows... That's probably a TSA requirement.

So, we got to spend the night, with our baggage, at the airport. The only thing opened outside of the security area was Starbucks. We couldn't cross the security boundary with our baggage, cause of the 3 oz. container rule, etc., etc.

Ok, Then come 4 am, we checked in with American. We were waiting at the counter, and were brusquely told by the counter bitch that she only called if we were behind the line... That was her first words to us.

Well, once we got through that with the female Hitler, we had our baggage checked in, boarding pass in hand, made it through security uneventfully, got to the gate, and waited till 5:30 or so and boarded the plane. All set for a 6 am liftoff, right?

Guess again. 6 am comes and goes, no go. Seems they had to replace the oil filter on one of the engines. Oh, and the O-ring that went with it. Excuse me, but isn't that considered standard preventive maintenance? What happened to the night shift doing that so we could take off on time???
Anyway, that done, we finally were able to get airborne at 7:30. Panic! We're going to miss our flight from Dallas to Belize! That's what we thought almost till we landed in Dallas when we found that flight had been delayed from some other airport and it was now scheduled to leave at 1:00 pm. So, if we figured things right, we had about 10-15 minutes for a mad dash to the flight.

We landed and found in the terminal, that the flight to Belize was delayed again till 1:15.

No, make that 1:30 - another change. No plane yet. Seems it's airborne from somewhere but is late getting to Dallas for some mysterious reason.

Ok, 1:30 comes and goes... Still no airplane. Airport folks were unsure where it was coming from and were being really vague. Maybe a secret CIA/Air America mission or something that we weren't cleared for, who knows?

So, several other delays, 1:45, 2:00, 2:15, and, wait a minute. It shows up, disgorges a bunch of passengers and we get to load - at 2:30.

We finally get off the ground at about 2:45.

(We had called the Copa Banana to let them and the shuttle service (Mendez Transportation Service) know we would be late and to not leave without us).

Ok, uneventful flight into Belize. The only thing was that the closer we got to Belize the rowdier a bunch of divers, who were planning to stay at ambergris Caye (key), started to get louder and more excited, talking loudly about partay, partay when they arrived. I'm glad they were staying there and we were staying in Corozal.

Anyhoo, upshot, we were up almost 40 hours and got checked in fine. Nice quarters. Crash and burn till this morning. We're going to have breakfast now, and will fill in some gaps - like dinner last night (grouper - yummmm). More later.


toupeeo said...

Wow! What a trip. Can't wait for the "Rest of the Story"

toupeeo said...

Looks great to me. What are you going to do now that you have no garden to care for. Dianna really looks content. Hammock no less.