14 April, 2007

Hi, for the second time today. We're getting into the groove down here as Dianna can attest.
Dianna Relaxing and Reading
A couple more pictures are in order. So we'll provide them for you now.
The first is a little guy, Elvin (we called him Elvis) who is the younger brother of one of the groundskeepers here at Copa Banana.
Elvin, Steven's Little Brother
He's also a A-No. 1 guide. He rode with me on bikes to a little mercado in the village near the hotel (no name as far as I could tell.) Lots of chickens and roosters. The store was a little alcove in someone's house, but they have a pretty good selection of stuff - sort of a mini-Seven-Eleven. I bought a dozen Belikin Beers, and bought Elvin a Coke in a bag... Something I'd never heard of before. The shopkeeper took a bottle of Coke and poured it into a plastic bag and stuck a straw in it. Kind of a neat idea. Why didn't we have anything like that when we were kids, instead of trying to ride with a glass bottle in hand.

When we got back to the hotel, I tipped Elvin $1.00 BZ (about fifty cents, US). He was happy.

The next photo is of Elsie, our housekeeper here. And she does an excellent job too.
Elsie, the Housekeeper
Well, I'm done for now. Now it's Dianna's turn.

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