24 September, 2018

Patio Palapa - Labor Commences

Carlos and I were out in the parking area assembling the last of 12 'tomato' cages (we'll use 'em for lots of other things) when I noticed Endher's truck parked just outside the utility gate.

Finishing De-Thatching
 I was surprised at just how fast the last of the thatch was pulled down, and how soon the guys got the patio all cleaned up.

At my suggestion, the debris was tossed over the fence into Mike and Steph's yard. Mario's crew is under strict orders to clean up all the debris and remove it.

Carlos is keeping a close eye on things as maintaining their yard is his responsibility. They'll also be bringing in whatever lumber they need for the project the same way. Otherwise, it's a long walk around our house to dump debris into the truck or to bring in the lumber.

Endher and Mario Planning
 Endher and Mario discussing how to do the framing. I want the look and feel underneath to be similar to the parking palapa, so those skinny sticks, for the most part, will be staying.

There's also going to be screening, just like in the pool enclosure, but we'll get to that when that part arrives.

Croc in the Canal
There's no shortage of supervisors either. Here you can see one of our local residents (inside the red circle) taking an interest in the goings-on.

This is a juvenile croc, probably around five to six feet in length. He cruises past our place at least once a week. It's either this one or another juvenile that spends a lot of his/her time under the fishing pier across the canal from us.

Whenever I backwash the pool, which empties into the canal, the croc scoots across the canal and keeps his nose right next to the marl cloud released as part of the backwash process. Sniffing a potential meal no doubt.

Cutting Compound Angles
This afternoon, the guys have been spending their time getting angles cut in preparation for setting a facia board (may not be the correct term, but it'll do). It's basically going to be a six-sided structure surrounding the old palapa.

Hanging Palapa Lamp
 Here's the old metal lantern lamp that hangs from the center peak of the palapa. It will be reinstalled as soon as possible to keep it from getting damaged.

Little Better View of the Angles
This photo gives you a little better idea of the angles involved. Of course, nothing is even all the way around, so it becomes tricky.

Also, all day today, we've dealt with thunder, lightning, and periods of rain. Since a woman in Ranchito having been recently killed in her backyard by lightning, safety is more on everyone's mind than normal.

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