28 August, 2018

Followup on Dogs and Barrels

First, we did our usual walkies this morning. For those who don't know, we do about four miles from Casa Winjama into town to the Post Office, the market, and other places if necessary.

When we had the opportunity to support the barrels being placed around town, Daniel Cano, the artist, asked me if I wanted anything special on the barrel. I thought about it for a second or two and suggested something about doggies as on our walks, I had been admiring all the new barrels along the waterfront. This barrel is the result.
Bela and Daisy Admiring the New Barrel
Unfortunately, even with a new trash barrel right there, as you can see, some people have trouble raising their arms enough to drop their trash into the barrels, not quite two feet away from where they had to be standing. Some people are just pigs. No other word for it.

I've heard over the years that people are reluctant to put their trash into the barrels when they're provided, because they are afraid that the people who
I wrote about the aggressive street dogs, as you can see below, at least two of them have collars. I put that entirely up to lazy, non-caring owners, who don't deserve to own dogs. Unfortunately, the pit bull-looking light tan dog right in the middle with the white flea collar is the biggest aggressor of the bunch.
The Street Dogs I've Mentioned
Naturally, this morning, as I was taking the picture of Bela and Daisy with the new barrel, this pack came up, aggressively as usual, then stopped a good distance away and were relatively well behaved, so I took their picture. The shepherd is a new one in the pack.


Wilma said...

That shepherd is a beautiful dog. Dogs in packs can behave as badly as people in packs, and that is saying something. Those are the prettiest trash barrels I've seen.

Winjama said...

Hi Wilma,

I agree. Even the pit is a good looking dog. I just wish their owners acted even marginally responsible for them.
Daniel has done a very nice job with the trash barrels. It's definitely prettied up the area.