27 August, 2018

Doing Our Little Bit

A group of Corozaleños, Corozal Daily (our local online news source), and Daniel Cano, artist, are working to help clean up downtown Corozal. We got the chance to have a small part in that activity, by sponsoring Daniel to paint one of the barrels.

Most of the barrels have various sealife depicted on them. I thought it would be nice to have something for the girls - the girls, in this case, being Deohgee, Bela, Daisy, and Coco, since we do walkies past those barrels pretty much every day.

The Doggie Barrel We Sponsored
(Used with kind permission of Corozal Daily)
This barrel is close to the new (and very popular) exercise equipment, donated by the Republic of China (Taiwan), on the waterfront, close to the Hok 'ol K'in Guest House.

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