28 September, 2017

A New Shed, Page Four

Hi everyone. I know it's been a good while since I wrote in the blog. I've a lot of s'plaining to do and a lot of catching to catch up. I'll have to be brief with most of it just to clear out the backlog.

So, to finish up with the shed postings here's final shots of the construction and one or two of it actually in use.

Getting Ready for the Zinc Roof

Even the Backside is Clean
All that we're keeping behind the shed is some leftover concrete blocks. A nice and clean area.

The Single Window Opening is Ready

The Zinc Ready to Go Up

Cleaning Up and Packing Up
Mario's crew does a nice job building. They also do a good job of keeping the worksite clean while the work is in progress. This all helps their final cleanup to go fast.

Working on the Roof

The Roof Started Going Up

Roof From the Underside

Plenty of Shelving
 Learning from my experience when Dianna's workshop shelving came crashing down, I epoxied all the shelving standards before putting any of the shelves in place.

That means blowing each drilled hole out with compressed air, rolling the plastic anchor in the epoxy and inserting it into the hole. Then, when that's all done, attaching the vertical standard to the wall with screws into the anchors. The epoxy allows the shelving to hold a huge amount of weight with no danger of the shelves collapsing, spilling their contents.

All Done
Here it is all done. It has electricity, two interior outlets. a ceiling light, a porch light beside the double door, and a motion detector light at either roof eve.

There's water, with a utility sink. Cold water only.

And the door. The left side opens inward, with the right side opening out, to allow easy movement of large items if it should be necessary.
Interior Filled Up

I realized this morning that I didn't have a shot of the inside of the shed in use. I corrected that error. As you can see, there's not a lot of free space inside with just enough room for everything that needs to be in there.

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