28 June, 2017

A New Shed, Page Three

This project is moving speedily along. Of course, being less than 1,000 square feet helps make it quite simple.

Electrical and Water Service
Both water and electricity will be coming from the parking palapa, just a simple splice job on both parts. I'm not expecting any great demand on either at this location, so we should be good to go.

Soak away is already done and filled to the brim with rocks. That will be dressed up in a bit as you'll see.

Ender Plastering the Back End
We asked that the exterior finish more or less match that of the new house and pool area. It should look very good when done.

Fixing Up the Soak-Away
All that remains for the soak-away is to frame it with blocks and fill the remainder with gravel.

Roof is Coming Along
With a project this size, it's hard to keep up with everything. Each bit moves along fast. Like the roof.

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And the interior walls. Stucco is going up on all sides of the interior.

Outside Parging (Plastering)
Outside parging is almost done. Then comes  color coat of the same material.

Cleanup in Progress
Cleanup of the construction area has started as well. One good thing with Mario's crew, they have been very neat and tidy through all of the projects. Not like some we've had that cleanup takes weeks.

Worried About Clearance for the Doors.
There's still work to be done on the roof framing, so I think this will pretty much take care of itself.

Cleaning Up the Soak-Away
Blocking in the soak-away. It'll look sharp in just a few minutes.


Vivien said...

Good to see work is progressing.

Winjama said...

Hi Vivien,

Well, by the time I was able to reply here, work on the shed is finished. It's been in use for some months now, and I must say, it works very well. Small and compact, but holds everything we need it to. I even got the locks changed on the door. Very happy with the project.