13 October, 2016

Wednesday, Again

Man, it seems like the week cycled through its days quickly. Here we are back at Wednesday 12 October, 2016. Granted, it's a week later, but still.

As you cycle through each day, it's easy to see that a lot has been occurring. The project is definitely moving out of the very heavy work stage of the project into more of the finish and make pretty stages.

High Part of Ramp Roughed In
The east side ramp is starting to look more like a ramp. Still has a ways to go.

West Ramp Footing Trench
On the west side, work is progressing, but it's a few days behind the east side one. Here, they're working on the outer footing trench. Might cast that this afternoon.

High Part Getting Closer
 Here's the east side ramp again after a couple of hours and a bit more work. I'm still going to watch closely to make sure the ramp slope stays in tolerances. From here, it looks like there's a slight bow in the middle.

Plastering Pump House Door Opening
Work on the pump house is progressing. Plastering inside is well underway, as is the door opening. I think it won't be long before the door and window louvers are back in place.

Farm House Deli Goodies
Shortly before lunch I had to go into town to take care of some business, and to do some shopping.

I went to Roshni's for some staples that only they seem to carry, Family for some laundry detergent that only they seem to carry with any regularity, A&R for a couple of small skillets (out, but 'soon come'), Evergreen for pharmaceuticals, New World for a crate of Belikin (why drive all the way to the Bowen and Bowen distributor? New World only charges $1.05 more than B&B), and a couple of other places. Just your average shopping trip in Corozal.

The last place I stopped at was The Farm House Deli, part of Ian Anderson's Caves Branch growing conglomerate of outstanding cheeses, meats, baked goods, and a bunch of other stuff. They're going to be doing this every two weeks. Yea! Don't know if it will be at the House of Culture all the time or not.

It was on the front lawn under an awning at the Corozal House of Culture. Worth the stop. I got a pound of hard Parmesan cheese, a pound of Polish salami, and a loaf of rye bread. That made a nice finish to the shopping trip.

Productive Lunch Time Too
All the workers take part in lunch time fishing. Usually, they catch small pan-size ones, but today, a nice sized barracuda will be making someone's supper very satisfying.

Pouring Ramp Footings
After lunch, work proceeds on several fronts. Pouring the east ramp outer footings. Probably tomorrow, we'll see the ramp taking near final shape. Should be fun.

Plastering Pump House Doorway
Work is proceeding with the pump house. Here the door opening is being plastered. I peeked and the window opening is getting the same. Shouldn't be much time till both are installed.

Plastering Inside
Plastering is proceeding apace inside the pump house as well.

Footing Trenches for West Ramp
On the west ramp, the trenches have been dug and rebar laid. Concrete should be poured for this sometime tomorrow. The raised PVC pipe isn't part of that. It's our temporary water line for the house. It's soon to be re-routed.

Footing for Circular Stair Pad
Part of the west ramp project is the footing for the pad for the circular staircase. That's what this is. It will be the same height has the top landing of the ramp.

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