11 October, 2016

Start of a New Work Week

this is the start of another week. The project is continuing.

Rough Coat Plastering Continues
The rough coat is, bit by bit, becoming the smooth coat, and that will be topped with the colored concrete texture on the new part of the house. The roof edge will be the blue trim.

Footing Trench for the Ramp
The accessibility ramp will be large. It's track is going to be 3'6" wide, so that makes it about 7' wide overall. and with about a 12' run (for ADA compliance), so it will be a rather large structure. We're going to have the same railings for it that we had them put up for the Mennonite house. That'll look cool, and will also help unify everything.

Footing Trench Has A Good Start
The ramp will have a sort of double footing, since it will be folded over on itself. If you're confused, all will be made clear eventually.

Cut Line Shows Width of Ramp
The cutline in the concrete (where the dust is) is, more or less, the total width of the ramp. The ramp on the other side of the deck, at the parking area, will be a mirror image of this one.

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