09 January, 2016

Pool House Expansion Project, Day 74-75 - 06-07/01/16

Caulking, Insulation, Screening, Attic Lighting, Concrete Patching

Days Seventy Four and Seventy Five , 06-07 January, 2016

Wednesday, January 6, 2015 was one of those cold days down here in Belize. I know, I know, compared to up north, tain't nuthin for you folks, with your wood stoves, central heating, etc., etc.

For those of us here, with no fire places, no central heating, in fact, no heating at all, other than an on-demand water heater, and the fact that we've become aclimatized to warm weather, a five or six degree drop becomes quite significant.

In fact, it got cold enough that our bottle of cocunut oil began to congeal, as you can see in the photo below. Now, for us, that's cold. It was cold enough in fact, that the water on Corozal Bay was beginning to smoke.

If this was Lake Erie, when we lived in Cleveland many years ago, when the lake began to smoke (no it's probably not self-igniting any more), it was a sign that the lake was beginning to freeze and that that ice would start forming in about two weeks or so.
Congealed Coconut Oil
Of course, by 9:30 AM or so, the day was warming up nicely, as usual, and the guys were hard at it, and had been since 6:00 AM. They were hanging the green board in the veranda and walkways. Green board is a water-resistant drywall. It costs a little more, but it's worth it for the protection it offers.
Green Board Going up in Walkway 6 - 7.33
Here, they're measuring green board in preparation for hanging it in the veranda.
Marking Up Green Board For Veranda 6 - 7.33
There's only one or two pieces left to hang. Accurate measuring is critical with this process.
Measuring For Another Piece of Green Board 6 - 7.34
Carlos, our Caretaker, was curious about the house, so Dianna give him the Grand Tour of the place.
Dianna Giving Carlos the Grand Tour 6 - 7.34
Giving a cut piece a trial fit before screwing it in place.
Trial Fit Green Board in Veranda 6 - 7.39
The green board really makes a dramatic statement in the walkway.
Finishing Hanging Green Board in East Walkway 7 - 7.07
There's just one little piece of drywall left to hang in the bedroom. Of course, they still need to finish off the access hatch from the closet to the attic.
Finishing Hanging Drywall in Bedroom 7 - 7.08
Living room taping has been completed.
Taping Done in Living Room 7 - 7.08
As has the office.
Taping Don in Office 7 - 7.08
And, likewise, green board is hung in the bathroom.
Green Baord Hung in Bathroom 7 - 7.09
Taping is done in the veranda and walkway.
Taping Done in Veranda and Walkway 7 - 7.09
There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.    


Wilma said...

We have a coconut oil "thermometer" too, but I forgot to check it on our coldest night so far. Stay warm!

Dave Rider said...

Hi Wilma,

I never though of the coconut oil as a thermometer before, but it works. It's really sensitive to temperature changes.

It warmed up a bit during the night, but the wind seems to have kicked up again out of the north, so the temp may not get that high today. What are your gonna do?