22 December, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project, Days 65 and 66 - 21 - 22/12/15

Gutters, Ceilings, and Signs

Days Sixty-Five and Sixty-Six , 21-22 December, 2015

Compared to to a few days ago, this wall is looking particularly striking. All that remains is for them to finish the laundry pipes in the lower left corner. This is in the office and is the former outside wall of the bedroom, now to be a utility room.
Uility Room Wall From Office Almost Finished 22 - 7.00
This is the wall of the other bedroom, that we used as a sitting room. The unplastered part below is soon to be knocked out. Once that happens, things will really seem different, and it will definitely begin to merge the two structures.
Dining Room Wall From Living Room Almost Knocked Out 22 - 7.01
These are most of the down pipes for the gutter drains. They're in the process of being painted before being reinstalled. We sure could have used these a couple of days ago. We had on the order of five or six inches of rain in an afternoon. Without the down pipes being hooked up, the gutters and the flat roof just dumped water right down and it flowed over into the parking area. Luckily the rain was spread out for the afternoon, so a lot of it managed to be captured by our three floor drains that are in the parking area. But, if it had come down suddenly, the parking area would have been bursting at the seams.
Gutter Downpipes Almost Ready to Re-hang 22 - 7.01
One of Dianna's favorite bits, a niche in the shower wall. It'll be tiled and should really finish off the shower.
Shower Niche Almost done 22 - 7.01
The canal-side gutter drain is almost ready to have all its bits assembled and the top drain mortared in place.
Canal-Side Downpipe Needs finishing 22 - 7.02
We're getting quite a pile of debris to deal with. I'm not sure how we're going to deal with it. Might burn it early in the morning down by the second road gate, if there's no wind. If we can't do that, then we're looking at probably having to hire somebody to haul it off to the dump.
Big Pile of Debris 22 - 7.03
I almost missed this at first (hint: Always look up). Furring strips for the PlyCem out on the walkway and veranda, and greenboard drywall (moisture resistant) elsewhere in the house.
Furring Strips For PlyCem Being Installed 22 - 7.03
Here's more mahogany trim. I'm not sure where this will be installed.
Wood Trim Being Varnished 22 - 7.03
More furring strips going up on the other side.
Furring Strips on Other Side 22 - 7.04
Detail work of the furring strips showing corners that still need more to be done.
Needs an Edge 22 - 7.04
I took a short break and just stood there gazing at the canal.
Placid View of the Canal 22 - 7.04
Drain holes from the old roof drains have been plugged.
Old Downpipe Hole Patched 22 - 7.05

But Everyone Knew Her As Nancy...

This is our new road sign. No idea who put it up. Sometimes it points in the right direction (like now), other times it points the oposite direction, and sometimes, it points over toward Bay Shore Drive.

Ferry Road really isn't the correct name, at least according to the Corozal Town Board, when I paid our property taxes a couple of years ago, they informed me that the proper name was 'A' Street, South. Hmmm.

Of course, if you look on Google Earth, they call it the 'Corozal - Sarteneja Road.'
High Class Road Sign
But then, no one calls Bay Shore Drive - Bay Shore Drive. Everyone calls it Gringo Lane.

Another trip out for inspection, and this gutter to drain assembly is virtually done. A bit of paint here and there and check it off the list.
One Gutter Connected to the Drainpipe 22 - 11.03
This is the other end of it. It connects to a pipe that runs under the foundation, and ties in with the other side, and discharges into the canal.
There's Where It Enters the Main Drain 22 - 11.03
The guys are working to get the drain on the other side connected. This is great as it's apparent we're still going to be getting rain. So much for the dry season.
Connecting the Next Gutter to it's Drainpipe 22 - 11.04
The final touch is the new holes they had to bore through the old roof to connect the downpipes. This one is done. It has a plug in the center just until the mortar stiffens enough to keep its shape.
New Drain Motared in With Temp Plug 22 - 11.05
Here they're boring into the concrete to attach the metal straps holding the pipes up.
Drilling Holes for Brackets 22 11.06
This vew shows the wood gable is completed and really looks nice. The screen has the new black nylong fabric instead of the wrinkly metal.
Wood Finally Finished on Gable 22 11.06
Most of the PVC piping around the house has been painted. Not only makes it less of a standout, but paint actually protects the PVC from harmful UV rays from the sun.
Drainpipes by Rotoplas Received Paint 22 - 11.11
There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.    

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