06 November, 2015

Pool House Expansion Project, Day Thirty-Two, 06/11/15

Removing the Forms Day

Day Thirty-Two, 06 November, 2015

Thursday was an off-day which worked well for all concerned. Recovering from the election, and giving the form concrete another day to rest and strengthen.

Today, began the process of taking the lumber down. All the forms came down today. A lot of wood too. I forgot to shoot a picture of the stack of lumber we have now.
A Lot Easier Than Putting It Up
One of the problems the guys had to deal with is figuring out how they're joining the old pool house to the new bit. This is the way it will be done. Build up a new line for the end truss to sit on, which is what they're doing in the photo just below.
A New Roof Line For the Last Truss
The truss itself will be slightly different than all the others. It will have a louvered window just like the other end truss. But, it will have a horizontal member raised up enough so that it will rest on that new line. In other words the horizontal member will be short enough to sit on the new line, yet stay symmetrical with all the other trusses.
Adding A New Line of Blocks
Here you can see some of the roof truss anchors sans form wood.
Looking At Anchors
An overall shot of the top of the chain or belt beam.
Looking Over the Roof
The chain makes it all look just that much more substantial.
Looks Taller Already
Here's the new line of block from down below.
New Line of Block From Inside
Late this afternoon, John Trummer came by to see what the job entailed. He's planning to bring the Track Hoe, or Excavator to the project Monday to hoist the trusses into place. That should be fun to watch. I'm planning to document it as well. John is also going to dig a hole for the Septic Tank. We've decided to go with a Rotoplas septic tank instead of the concrete ones we're familiar with. I'm curious just how it will work.

Tomorrow will be an easy day for the crew. They'll get the place ready for the Track Hoe and that will be about it. Then they'll be off till Monday morning. Me too. Well, except for laundry and other chores and the obligatory run into town.

There's many more photos than appear in each posting. You can see all the photos of the construction project on Flickr at: There will be new photos added each day of the project.

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