30 October, 2015

What I Haven't Mentioned - Follow Up

Yesterday, I was all concerned about my desktop PC and the gate motor. Well, I still am, but there's been a great deal of forward motion. I'm not going to say progress, as I don't know yet, what all the results will be.

Suffice to say, that the gate wiring is repaired and is functional. The gate motor came through in good fashion, but the component card that controls the gate functions, didn't. Roger Chang had to replace that. The old one still had dead ants frozen or fried in place on the card. No doubt having caused shorts with their dying breath.

The gate now works better than ever. Well, at least over a longer range, than ever before.

There is one change however. With the old card, we could use a hard-wired button to open, close, and stop the gate. With the new card, we don't have that capability. We do have vastly increased range, and Roger gave me a new remote, that can open and close the gate from the pool house. We'll just keep that hanging in the house in place of the buttons.

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