28 February, 2012

A "Lee Projek"

Just a little thing I whipped together in my spare time. I actually thought this was going to take days not the couple hours that it actually took.

Prompted by Dianna's acrobatic header off the patio stairs, thanks to Cindy getting all tangled up with Dianna - both are fine, however. Cindy had no noticeable effects. Dianna wound up with an assortment of scrapes and bruises and was sore all during our vacation time with the Eternal Eight.

So, that was the motivation and inspiration for the project. I went to Lano's Hardware to see if they had the necessary fittings and 2" PVC pipe to make it a go. They did, including metal flanges to anchor it to the deck with stainless steel screws.
Parking Area Stair Rail
Carlos helped me cut the tubing and assemble everything together. It went like clockwork. Painting the railings with two coats of latex (water paint) flat blue actually took more time than building the rails. I started them on Friday morning, after Lano's opened and finished in plenty of time for that afternoon's happy hour.
Patio Area Stair Rail
Now that it's done, I wonder, "So, what was the hang-up in the first place?" The railings probably wouldn't have prevented Dianna's tumble, but they're done and they look good. Hard to imagine the stairs without them now.

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