25 February, 2012

Enjoying Vacation

A bit more on our sojourn to Ambergris Caye for vacation. I know, I know. You're probably asking yourself, "Just what do they need a vacation for? They already live in paradise."

Well, you're right. But, even so, every now and then, you need a change of pace or a break in the routine, or something like that. Granted, the break in our routine from day-to-day life in Belize to vacation routine in Ambergris isn't that dramatic, pool, sun, palm trees, BBQ chicken, Belikin, etc., stays pretty much the same.

What was different was riding golf carts (kinda fun), boating to Bacalar Chico and hunting manatees, eating out more than usual and in some fancier places, and being with some old friends for the first time in several years. All that combined to make a nice vacation for us and hopefully a very memorable one for our friends.

One of the places we ate at was Aji Tapa bar and restaurant, which was a short walk down the beach from where we were staying. For supper, great service, food, and setting.
Dinner at Aji Tapa
 One of the neat things was just outside the uni-sex bathroom. The 'hand-wash-baisin' as they say in Belize was a work of art.
Bathroom Sink at Aji Tapas
Unfortunately, the same couldn't be said for the service there for breakfast. Waiting over an hour to get bacon, eggs and potatoes and fry-jacks that never came, although the waiter insisted he had brought them. I wonder what kind of tip he was shooting for?

Back at the ranch... Well, back at Debbie's Beach, lots of conversation took up a lot of the day.
Lots'a Conversation
We enjoyed watching wind surfers, sail boats and lots of water taxi's and work boats cruising past all day long.
Cruising Past Debbie's Beach
Ralf's (the caretaker) two dogs, Chica and Chico were an endless source of companionship and amusement for all of us. He's lucky they weren't stowed away in luggage when we left.
Scratching Just Right
Happy, Happy
Ralf was a great part of the stay too. He's very knowledgeable about the area, having lived here for about sixteen years.
Ralf and More Conversation
Riley, another dog who came around a bit, lived at the White Sands next door.

Riley Ready for Bed
Even with alll the activity, there was still plenty of down time, allowing everyone some quiet time to be on their own and enjoy some solitude.
Roy Enjoying a Quiet Moment
The pool was popular, and what a setting. First time I got to see the workings of an infinity pool. Not sure I'm sold on the design, but whatever, it was still fun.
Enjoying the Pool
We also made use of the hot tub. Here's Roy, getting bubbleicious.
Ahhh, This is the Life!
Roy was joined by Dianna and Dean, helping Roy use his new tub toy, a 'Polar Bar', drink tray and ice bucket.
Enjoying the Hot Tub
Sunday came all too fast. This was when Dean and Lori departed to head back to Boston. We drove them to the airport and watched them take to the skies.
Dean and Lori Say Goodby
The toaster didn't work quite right, but Judy came up with an original Rube Goldberg setup to ensure toast was available to all.
Judy's Rube Goldberg Toaster Adaptation
Here's a shot of George and Judy at dinner (I think it's at Red Ginger, in San Pedro). Judy was never without her camera or note book.
Judy and George At Dinner


JRinSC said...

Looks like too much fun was had by everyone! Glad you had a great week!


orchis said...

Looks like a great time out on the Cays. I'm a little jealous. Was not in San Pedro since October.

Dave Rider said...

We had a ball. It's a nice place to visit. I don't think I'd like to live there. In town, it's too congested, too much traffic, and I always feel just too exposed for hurricanes, etc. The north side of the island has a very different feel than the south.