04 January, 2012

New Beer A-Brewin'

I'm a little late in posting this, but, thanks to the new Brewmaster for Belize Brewing Co. Ltd., Nolan Michael, we had a new flavor to sample during this holiday season - Sorrel Stout. A rather sweet-tasting, 7% alcohol, stout, it will only be available during the holidays. Sorrel is the first of Belikin's seasonal brews. I must say, a welcome change. Not that I want to drink only the stout, but one every now and then is a nice change of pace.
Belikin's New Seasonal Brew
Sorrel Stout was so popular it sold out in only 10 days. We were lucky enough to score a full case of the stuff. In fact we still have a few left. We'll savor those slowly too.

We're now looking forward to the next seasonal brews. Hopefully, we'll have one for each season. One can only imagine all the lagers, hefeweisens, IPAs, bocks, spice beers, etc., that might be forthcoming - Hey, as long as I'm dreaming, right?


Anonymous said...

HOnestly, I thought it had too much of a sweet aftertaste, but some of my friends liked it.

Dave Rider said...

Hi Anonymous,

Well, I have to say I agree with you, but if it's done as the first beer, and slowly, it really has a nice 'mouth feel' as they say, and the sweetness goes down nicely. I certainly wouldn't want to have two or three of them in a row, but one a day is not bad at all.

I think it's nice that Belikin Brewing is trying a new flavor - and it won't be available all year long either, so maybe by next Christmas, we'll all have a hankering for one or two more.

I'm definitely looking forward to whatever the next seasonal brew might be.