02 January, 2012

It's Possessed

There's no other way to describe it. My weather station is possessed.

Pictured below is the unit which lives on the roof of our pool house. I have no other way to describe what has happened to it. For those of you who have noticed, and for those even fewer of you who've voiced - well, written, comments to me concerning the rather cold temperatures the thing has been registering for the past two or more months, you may have noticed that sometime during the night last night, it suddenly came to life, registering more or less correct local temperature readings. It still isn't worth a shilling as far as rainfall amounts.
Demons Inhabit The Thing
 Speaking of rainfall, maybe that's what shocked it back to life. The extreme amount of rain we received yesterday might have caused the little demons to seek shelter inside it and that sparked it back into some sort of functioning existence.

I replaced the regular AA-sized batteries in the receiving unit that is connected to my laptop. That had no noticeable effect whatsoever. I did that over a month ago. My next thought was to replace the three rechargeable AA-sized batteries in the roof-top sending unit. That was going to wait till I could make a trip to Brodie's in Belize City. I still plan on doing that. Just so you don't get the idea that I'd head all the way down to BC just for three small batteries, I have a shopping list that's been being compiled by Dianna and myself for about as long as the weather station has been inoperable. Hmmm, I wonder. Is there a connection? Naah, that would be too far-fetched. Infested with demons makes much more sense.

Just so you know, I did contact the unit's manufacturer about the problem, to no avail. They said the problem was something not even related to what I was asking about. Sort of like when you ask a question at work to the IT wizards about your work computer and you get an answer clearly showing they weren't even listening to you in the first place.

Anyway, enjoy the new year and the seemingly new life my weather station is experiencing. Just don't be surprised if it starts asking to see Father Damien or wants to eat split pea soup.

On second thought, maybe an exorcism is what's needed... or new batteries.


JRinSC said...

Nah, I'll bet your problem is that the temperature NEVER goes much below 70 and the darn thing figures that the sensor is damaged and it automatically adjusts down to a more believable degree range out of an urge to better serve you. How's that for a logical answer??

Happy New Year,


Dave Rider said...

Hi Julian,

I'll bet you're right! But why let logic intrude here? I did notice this morning it was back to reading zero... again. Dang it. Guess I'm really gonna have to change out those rechargeable batteries. I was hoping I could delay it more. Oh well.

Happy New Year to you as well.