15 May, 2011

Second update on the New Project

Here's the progress from last Friday... I know, it's still not timely, but there's just so many distractions.

We had our first bona fide out-of-country guest - Jill, who stayed with us Thursday and Friday, before heading on south to Dangriga and Hopkins. We did have Isaiel, our Godson from Guinea Grass stay a couple of nights a month or so ago, but that didn't count (according to the rules) as he wasn't on vacation; then on Friday we had the ladies swim/exercise time and happy hour immediately following; then we had to go to Scotties on Saturday and play some darts.

I'll tell you, this being retired stuff is a lot more work than they let on before you sign up. It seems everyone down here is always saying that they don't know how they found time to work in their former lives.

So, here's the pictures I snapped before my camera batteries crapped out. This heat and humidity is just murder on those little guys.

Carlos has begun the final staking out where he's going to be cementing rocks in place to make the walls, which will be about twenty inches high all around.
String Lines Showing Rock Wall Location
Here's a little more detailed shot of the string lines. Once you see the rocks being placed, all will become clear, I'm sure.
String Line Detail
Carlos spent most of his Friday workday trimming rocks for the rock wall. Here's a pile of the shaped rocks that he'll start applying following the string lines.
A Pile Of Trimmed And Shaped Rocks
Just A Shot Across The Patio Area
Another Shot Showing The Poured Footing
That's it for today. I'm ready to take a shower and hit the sack. G'night.

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