14 May, 2011

A New Day, Another Project

I was called to task by a few folks at yesterday's happy hour get-together for not having posted anything about our newest and last big project. So, not being one to sit by complacently, here's the result. Like I told them yesterday, I did have a few photos in the mill, so it wasn't like I hadn't been doing something to stay current.

Anyway, the project is a patio/BBQ area behind the swimming pool to the canal fence - about the only open area we have left in our yard.

We were lucky enough to be able to offer employment to Carlos, Jim and Melanie's former caretaker. He's really knowledgeable about plants and concrete and stone work, among a whole bunch of other things. So, this project is Carlos' baby. It'll take some time for him to get it done, as he's only working for us one day a week.

Anyway, Friday before last, Carlos brought Cain on board for the day to help form rebar in the footing trench and to also help hump concrete from Carlos' mixer to the trench.

Here they're forming steel to proper length to fit in the trench.
Cain and Carlos Cutting Steel For Footing
 And, of course, a shot of Cain handling the wheelbarrow and concrete. At least there's no requirement to carry concrete by the bucket-full on their heads. Still, hot work at this time of year.
Cain Working Wheelbarrow
Of course, the rebar has to get to the trench, after it's cut to size. Here Carlos and Cain are hauling one of the long pieces to the trench.
Carrying Steel (Rebar) To Worksite
 After carrying it, all the steel needs to be positioned in the trench. Here they're doing just that.
Laying Steel In The Footing Trench
Finally, all the steel (there really wasn't that much used for the trench, but it's still necessary work) has been positioned and tied in the trench, ready for the concrete pour.
Steel In Position In Footing Trench
After positioning and tying the rebar, the pour began. Here Carlos is adjusting the steel after the first couple barrow-loads of concrete have been poured into the footing trench.
Carlos Adjusting Steel After First Footing Pour
The work is really speeded up using Carlos' mixer. It's only a half-bag electric mixer, but still beats using a shovel on the ground and makes for a much more consistent mix as well.
Carlos Adding Water To The Mix
While Cain is struggling with a barrow full of concrete over by the trench, Carlos is hard at it adding the ingredients for the next load into the mixer.
Carlos Mixing Concrete In His Mixer
And the last picture for this posting shows the concrete working its way around the horseshoe-shaped trench.
The Pour Advances
Stay tuned for more on this project as it progresses. I think soon you'll be able to see rock being positioned to make the planter bed walls and some other things.

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