24 September, 2010

Matthew - Lucky Thirteen?

Not that I'm particularly religious, in fact, far from it, but it is curious that in the Gospel of Matthew, he talks about flooding other disasters and the need for preparedness. Ok, maybe he's not necessarily talking about a tropical storm or hurricane, but it's certainly appropriate for today anyway.
4:00 AM Friday, Mathew's Projected Track
Also, not being overly superstitious, Matthew is the thirteenth named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season.  Each time I look at the updated projected track from NOAA's National Hurricane Center, it looks a smidge more favorable for us. I think we're still going to get a soaking out of the whole thing.

So, taking Matthew's words on preparedness to heart, and the fact that preparedness was my game for many years, we spent most of yesterday, doing just that - getting prepared. We moved the bed and futon we had in storage downstairs in the house over to the guesthouse.
Comfy Looking in the Bedroom
Futon Makes A Very Comfy Couch
We've moved bottles of water in, we have our solar-powered radio, lantern, flashlights, books, computers, important papers and records, supplies, kitty and dog stuff, and a whole bunch of other stuff in the guesthouse as well. In short, following our Hurricane Preparedness Checklist.

We're looking at this as, more or less, a test of our preparedness process. So, after the fact, we'll let you know how we did.

If Matthew makes it to hurricane strength, I'll more than likely take down the dishes. If that occurs, I won't be making any more posts till I restore them after the storm. We'll see.

We've had rain off and on throughout the night. I just heard a car go by and the road sounds pretty sloppy, so walkies for the dogs is doubtful today. Which means we can get right to it and continue with preparations.

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